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  • Ravindra

    My name is Ravindra singh.Once or twice a day I used to have muscle cramps in my right leg and it was very very painful. One day treatment at ms Sujok acupressure center solved my problem and till today I didnt had it once even after one month.thanks

  • Manoj Trivedi

    Hello, I am Manoj Trivedi .50years. I was suffering from ankospontolytis for many years and had acute pain in my ankle, back and neck. Tried many treatments but no proper relief. But with Sujok acupressure treatment by Dr Meena Singh of Ms Sujok acupressure centre I have total relief within 10 days of treatment.

  • Leena Pathak

    I had pain and numbness in my thumb for last 3 months.Dr Meena Singh at Ms Sujok acupressure centre Agra treated me with Sujoka acupressure and within 3 seconds my pain and numbness was gone. It was just a miracle and it was a wonderful treatment. I am very happy and wish that everyone should benefit from it.

  • Mukul

    My name is Mukul age 20 years, last week I had pain in my back and after treatment with balms and pain killers I had no relief. Then I got treatment from Dr Meena singh at Sujok acupressure center31 Manglam estate DAYALBAGH Agra.In a single day treatment my pain has gone and I am working normally. Thanks to Dr Meena Singh

  • A K Pal

    I was having high uric acid problem, tried many treatment but no permanent cure. Then I got Sujok Acupressure treatment from Ms Sujok Acupressure Centre on Whatsapp. After taking treatment for 8 days, my uric acid is now in normal range. Very good and effective treatment without drugs and one can get it on smartphone also.

  • Zaki Rain

    There were some spots in my skin from last 3 years. I used many medicine and treatment but it was not so effective. Then I used Sujok treatment and it`s done it job amazingly. Now there is not any spot in my skin ...nice !

  • Prem Singh

    I got complete relief from hand and palm pain and swelling caused due to accident at Sujok Acupressure Center.80% relief on first three days and 100% relief in a week.Drug less treatment using seed therapy.

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