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What is the difference between Sujok Acupressure & Chinese Acupressure ?
The concept and principles are same in both based on oriental philosophy of Yin - Yang principle and 5 element principle. The circulation of remedy is done only in hands & feet in Sujok unlike in the whole body in Chinese Acupressure.
Is Sujok (hand & foot) Acupressure used only to treat hand and feet diseases ?
No though Sujok remedy is done only in hands & feet it is for all the diseases affecting all the systems & whole body.
What are the materials used in Sujok ?
remedy is done in Sujok using Seeds, MicroMagnets (like Star Magnets, Byol meridian Magnets (N&S), Bar Magnets, Chakra Magnets), Micro&Mini Moxa, Rollers, Ring Massagers and many natural materials.
What is Onnuri Medicine ?
Onnuri means whole world & all encouraging Onnuri medicine encompasses, Sujok Acupressure, Onnuri Auricular Practice (done in External Ear), Scalp Practice links (both upper & lower limbs). Apart from the original oriental principles newer principles like Sixki theory, Eight origin principles, Chakra Practice and Diamond Structure principle, Triorigin M particle theory principle and triorigin Sequence theory etc.
Can it cure all the diseases ?
Any diseases can be cured and controlled using the principles of Onnuri medicine and Sujok Acupressure Practice.
How many days will it take to cure a disease ?
remedy effectiveness can be had from the movement remedy is started irrespestive of the duration of illness. Usually 5-10 sitting cure more than enough at proper spacing is enough to cure most of the diseases.
Can I undergo Sujok where one is under other remedy like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Sidha etc ?
Sujok can be done along with anyother system of Practice. No contraindication. No side effects. Can go well with all system of medicine.
Can Sujok and Chinese Acupressure be done together ?
Sujok and Chinese acupressure can be done simultaneous at the same session with out any cross interferece.
Can a lay know learn Sujok ?
Anyone can learn Sujok. Sujok is natural method of remedy. Any person who has knowledge and minimal logic can learn sujok and treat himself, his family memebers and others too. The aim of Sujok Academy in to make one sujok doctors in each family as the planet Earth.
How long it will take to study or master Sujok?
Sujok can be learnt in one hour or 1 year. The basis and principles of correspondence Practice can be learnt at a very short period. But the principles philosophies and theory like yin yang, 5 elements, sixki, six emotions, six reason, eight origin, homo&hetero principle, Triorigin principles need a longer time since they are deeper science requiring a good knowledge and time.
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